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Feature Comparison by Version for SAP BPC 11 Embedded and SAP BPC 10.1 Optimized on S/4 HANA.

Feb 05 at 01:30 AM


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We are doing a BPC Fitment analysis for out client and were looking answers for the below mentioned Open Questions for the following SAP BPC versions

SAP BPC 11.0 Standard, SAP BPC 11.0 Embedded and Optimized SAP BPC on S/4 HANA.

Below are the Questions where we are looking for answers and also please suggest if not available , what is the alternate route to achieve these requirements.

1) Does BPC 11.0 Embedded support default logic calculations?. If this feature is not available, is there an alternate route to achieve this?

2) How are we handling the Member Formulas Option in SAP BPC 11.0 Embedded. Is it through the Calculated Key Figures and Restricted Key Figures in Bex?

I Understand the Bex Query designer is not available in BPC 11.0.

Does the Bex web version support all the existing Bex Query designer features?

3) Do we have the concept of Account.lgl file( where we used to create a separate lgl file, when the dimension member formula character length increases more than 255 characters). Do we have a character length restriction in the current versions as well and if so is the old method of creating the Dimension member formulas through the lgf files still possible.

3)How are we handling reference dimensions in SAP BPC 11.0 embedded?

4) is there any Master data on the Fly feature available in SAP BPC 11.0 Embedded? if not, what is the alternate method that can be used to achieve this.

5) What is the limit for the Max number of Alternate Hierarchies possible in SAP BPC?

6)Is there a Place where a Plan specific Member can be maintained,( Like Cost Center and Other User defined dimensions)

7) How can we do a selective deletion and selective updation in the SAP BPC 11.0 embedded version.

8) Are standard EPM functions like EPM filtering and Local Members available in the Version of SAP BPC 11 Standard . How can this requirement be achieved through SAP BPC 11 Embedded.

9) Can fox formulas be used to write values to Properties of dimensions?

10)The Lighter version of BEx, which is the Bex web( Grid feature), does it support all the functions of Bex, like Drill Down, Filtering on members etc.

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4 Answers

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Former Member Feb 05 at 09:41 AM

Thank you Very Much Vadim , for your prompt response.

As requested I have removed the unnecessary tag from the list.

I understand that SAP BPC Standard modelling is entirely different from BPC Embedded Modelling.

Good to Know from you that( "BPC 11.0 Standard is same as BPC 10.1 Standard"). So I am assuming ALL the features available in BPC 10.1 standard (like Default formulas, Dimension member formulas, MDX - Script logic, Workstatus, parenth1/Parenth2 (Alternate hiearchies),Journals etc) would still be available, As Is in SAP BPC 11.0 Standard, and the only difference would be the Backend , which would be SAP BW/4HANA.

And in case of BPC 11 embedded, I am probably guessing all the features that are available in SAP BPC Optimized on S/4 HANA version can be performed in Embedded as well.

So only Question now is since Bex is no longer supported, How do we acheive the Dimension member formulas concept in SAP BPC 11.0 Embedded.

Do we have any blogs where the Default logic calculations and Dimension member formulas Concept is achieved in SAP BPC Embedded/SAP BPC Optimized on S/4 HANA.?

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Hi Shankar,

BPC11 is everything that BPC10.1 is, standard and embedded, but it utilizes BW4HANA. All the major changes are the changes on BW side. BPC optimized for S4HANA is BPC 10.1 that uses embedded BW for S4HANA, it does not use BW4HANA.

So while all the BPC functions and features are the same the delivery is impacted by the server side. In BPC11 you can no longer use regular BW objects and cannot use any data base except HANA. With BPC optimized for S4HANA you can still use BW objects and you can use RTC (Real Time consolidation) which allows you to directly map fields from ACDOCA and ACDOCC tables to properties and dimensions used in BPC consolidation.

What version and option to choose should depend on your business requirements and road map.

Best Regards,

Leila Lappin



I don't understand the statement BPC11 you can no longer use regular BW objects ...

in fact, BPC11 using the Standard Model generates (advanced) DataStoreObjects (aDSOs) and the Embedded Model uses aDSOs and CompositeProviders; and these are - of course - BW objects.

The blog

is still valid for BPC11, you only have to replace InfoCube, DSO by advanced DSO and MultiProvider by CompositeProvider.



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Yeah , you are right we were able to use the existing BW objects in the ADSO created and were able to invoke the same ADSO as BPC 11 model in the BPC web administration screen.

Vadim Kalinin Feb 05 at 06:25 AM

First you have to understand that standard and embedded are absolutely different (and BPC 11 standard is the same as BPC 10.1 standard).

Please remove not related tag:

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, version for the Microsoft platform

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Vadim Kalinin Feb 05 at 09:54 AM

"Do we have any blogs where the Default logic calculations and Dimension member formulas Concept is achieved in SAP BPC Embedded/SAP BPC Optimized on S/4 HANA.?"

Incorrect terms for embedded - there is no default logic :) But you can perform calculations on data save - please read at least help.

Dimension member formulas is also incorrect term for embedded model.

To my mind you need some training to understand concept of embedded model (I am not an expert in embedded).

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Former Member Feb 09 at 01:42 PM

Thank you Vadim for the responses,

Yes , BPC embedded is a lot different than the BPC standard. Some concepts like default logic, dimension member formulas, data manager packages, script logic are not available in this version. [Run Simple :) ]

Integrated Planning concepts like Planning functions, Planning sequences and Bex Queries and aggregation levels would be used in here.

Good to know that all the BPC standard options are back available in the newer version of the BPC 11.0 Standard.

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