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SAP S74 HANA on premises 1709 data migration

Feb 04 at 05:54 PM


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Former Member

I just attended Open SAP course Data Migration to SAP S/4HANA and I'm a bit confused: in an on premises scenario, what's the major difference between Migration Cockpit + Migration Modeler vs Data Services. What fits better in what scenario?

Thanks in advance for your cooperation


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2 Answers

Frank Schuler
Feb 04 at 09:04 PM

Hello Andrea,

The Migration Cockpit including the Migration Modeler is for S/4HANA Cloud migrations. This excellent blog by Roland Hamm should provide you with a good overview of the available transition options including Data Services:

How to find my path to SAP S/4HANA – Understand the available transition options

Best regards


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Former Member

Thank you Frank,

As far as I could understand,

1. Migration Cockpit and Migration Modeler are available for on-premise.

2. the link you submitted (blog by Roland Hamm) details transition options (we're in a on-premise greenfield scenario, non SAP legacy system) showing two alternatives for Initial data load from source system (SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit SAP Data Services (SAP DS) both with Best Practice Migration content), without any further comment, unfortunately.

Does your answer

<<Migration Cockpit including the Migration Modeler is for S/4HANA Cloud migrations>>


<<Migration Cockpit including the Migration Modeler is === SUGGESTED === for S/4HANA Cloud migrations, while for an on-premise scenario, Data Services are the best choice>>?

Thanks in advance for your further support


Dharshan A
Feb 23 at 05:51 PM

Hi Andrea,

For On-premise, Migration cockpit(MC) is now ready with lot of pre-delivered content for 1709 release. It should be the go-to tool to start as it has following advantages:

1. Migration cockpit is more attractive as it is already part of S/4HANA and does not require separate system setup like for Data Services(DS).

2. Delivered Migration cockpit objects for 1709 are almost on-par with DS content.

3. Easy to use, almost no programming / modelling knowledge required .

4. Huge data is no more issue in 1709 as it supports staging tables.

In project specific cases like below, you might have to explore other options like DS over MC:

1. If cleared items/closed items data needs to be migrated as almost all transaction data related MC objects support open-items migration.

In this case as well, you can still try to build new objects in MC if you know the BAPIs/FM's to do that activity.

2. Data cleansing / Data Analysis is required as this is not "yet" part of MC.

These are the points i can think of now which can help you decide the right tool for your project.

Thanks and Regards,

Dharshan A

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