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Feb 03, 2018 at 10:40 PM

Alternating between two ECC systems in SAP PO


Hello experts,

I have a classic DEV -> QA -> PROD SAP ECC landscape, each connected to their PO system (POD, POQ and POP). The problem is that while the customer wants to test some patches to ECC QA they have set up a "new" system called sandbox and they want the users to perform tests there.

So we need to connect POQ with this new sandbox. Needless to say, after these tests we'll need to go back to ECC QA, so they will be alternating between QA and Sandbox.

My first suggestion was to setup a POX system (PO Sandbox) but this was discarded and we need to use POQ. So I started changing in PO all the channels connected to QAS to now point to SBX. Also did the SLD changes and NWA. Proxies and RFC are working but we are having many issues with IDocs (distrobution model, business systems and mostly configuration on Sandbox side and how will POQ handle them).

Do you have any suggestion for this scenario? Am I taking the correct approach? Other option would be to copy all ICOs to have a "double" configuration in POQ, one for QA and one for Sandbox.

Thank you for your help.