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Conditional Formatting Chart Bars based on another field

Feb 15 at 08:54 AM


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I have a chart that displays totals by Citizenship. The citizenships are broken up into two groups. I want to show a color difference for Bars from each group. Each country is only part of one group. Since I can't find a way to conditionally format the bars using another field that indicates which group they are in, I have to create two totals, one for each group. If I put the data in a regular column chart, there are two bars for each country, but only one shows. It properly color coordinates, but it looks sloppy as the bars are only half as wide (because it thinks there is going to be another bar for the other total). So I tried using a Stacked Column format and it works perfect.... except for the labels are only in the bar. I understand that traditionally Stacked columns have more than one section so having the label be in the middle makes sense. But when there is only one data set, I want to be able to show the data value on top. Some of the totals are very small and so it will only show the total if it is on top. If anybody knows how to accomplish this I would appreciate the help. Thanks.

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1 Answer

Feb 15 at 11:42 AM

check attached blog or you can try with column chart with dual axis.

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