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Interactive Script vs. Survey


Our Customer Service Center is a very skilled (and small) department with low turnover.

So they don't need the assistance of Interactive Script to guide them during the interaction (the conversation flows naturally). However they need to collect lots of data. Example: the customer complains about problems with his/her car. The agent needs to collect what is the brand (BMW, Mercedes, Fiat, Ford, etc..), the model, year, gas, engine characteristics, invoice number, etc.

Sometime we have a text field, sometimes radiobutton, checkbox, date, textarea...

There is a complicating factor here: Frequently the customer does not have all the info at that time. Maybe he/she can callback few hours ago or maybe next day and provide all the info. We are thinking about suppress the automatic creation of IR (create it only when requested) so that agent can handle this (and update/complement the answers).

All these answers must be searchable and must be visible in BW reports.

Which solution (script or survey) would be the best option for such scenario? Maybe none of them?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys.



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    Posted on Feb 06, 2018 at 01:52 AM

    Hello Diego,

    Following document provide more details regarding survey function, and how it is evaluated with BW:

    Hope it will be helpful for you. Please let me know if you have the follow-up queries.

    Kind regards,


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    • Hello Kevin,

      Survey seems to be a good candidate when comparing with scripts. Advantages:

      1) All the questions available on a single page

      2) More options of field types (with validation)

      3) External link for customers access the survey (this is very cool)

      4) Answers available in BW

      5) Agents can edit the answers without generate a new version

      Unfortunately it is not available at Interaction Record screen, only in the Activity view of the IR (the less screen navigation, the better).

      Still working on it to try to show a POC to users.

      Thank you for your help!



  • Posted on Feb 06, 2018 at 01:16 AM

    Hello Diego,

    Regarding interaction record, interactive script, here is a blog talking about them:

    For survey, I add tag 'crm marketing'. People in marketing area will provide more information about survey.

    Hope all of these helps in making your decision.

    Best Regards, Corrine

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    • Hello Corrine,

      Thanks for sharing this blog (actually I've already read this one and lots of others).

      The Script functionality almost fits our necessity. Some points that user department complained (and maybe SAP can develop them for further releases :-) )

      1) They don't like the navigation though the question. They desire a single page with all fields available on it. This would increase productivity since there is no navigation between the answers.

      2) They need to update the script answers (because customer can return the call providing more info). Standard behavior does not allow to change a pre-filled script and will add other transcript in activity clipboard instead of change the previous one.

      3) I can't see the answers in BW extractors. Probably we won't be able to generate reports with script answers (unless we have a custom development).

      As a proof of concept, I've added the script content in the very bottom of IR screen and implement the update functionality. This new Z component is loaded dynamically based on IR reason. The users were very satisfied with the solution. Let's see if we will keep it.

      Thanks again for you help.