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Good Standard SAP Program with Object Oriented Concepts

Feb 02 at 10:53 AM


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Hello Experts,

Have you ever come across a standard program (preferebly with new ABAP features) in SAP ? It is always a challenge when starting to program using object oriented because you do not really know, you are using the power of object oriented concepts like reusablility, extendability etc.So a good standard program to debug and see how it works , the naming conventions they use and so on will really be a help.

PS: I do not want some one who uses objects for the sake of using objects, but to leverage the power of objects.

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3 Answers

Matthew Billingham
Feb 02 at 04:12 PM

The demo programs can be ok, but they're generally only to showcase particular ABAP features - not object oriented programming concepts in general.

You are making a mistake, in my opinion, if you think that the SAP Standard code base is generally a model to follow for how to program. I have seen some unbelievably terrible programming over the years - some of it very recent. Admittedly it's got better, but it's by no means best practice.

If you want to learn to use OO well, then read a lot about the practice and theory, study design patterns and practice.

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Hello Matthew Billingham ,

Thanks for your reply. Atleast as far as I am concerned, I have learned more by following a neatly written code ( in this case a good Object Oriented Program with most of the concepts ) than book with all the technical jargons in the world :) huddled inside it. If you can point to a ABAP git hub project(people usually share project links in scn, so i think it is within the laws of forum ) which you think is a neatly written one, kindly share.



Maybe the famous ABAP2XLSX ? Just google it, should be the first link.


Thanks a lot Jelena, Eventhough I am struggling a bit to download the SAP links and stuffs like that. At the same time I would be interested in knowing whether Matthew Billingham can add something on this .

Horst Keller
Feb 02 at 11:40 AM

A demo is in package SABAP_DEMOS_CAR_RENTAL, well it's a demo only.

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Hello Horst Keller ,


Jelena Perfiljeva
Feb 02 at 08:29 PM

Thomas Jung's ABAP OOP Tutorial is still the best IMHO:

Also Paul Hardy posted a lot about it on SCN (see here and here).

Not exactly the same as having the whole program but it's the best thing you can get for free. I agree with Matthew that, unfortunately, SAP's own programs are not always the greatest example. Would love to find one really good example myself.

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