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Jun 10, 2008 at 08:45 AM

M06E0004: release procedure (PO, contract) EKPO-PSTYP > CEKKO-USRC1


Dear ABAP Experts,

We want to use the 'item type' (EKPO-PSTYP) field for release strategy. The problem is that this field is not in CEKKO...

But CEKKO contains field USRC1 field that can be connected with EKKO-PSTYP somehow through user exit (EXIT_SAPLEBND_002, M06E0004).

My question is what are the process / steps / codes to realize this (to be able to use 'item category' field in release startegy for contracts and PO)?

Please consider that I haven't got a close relation with ABAP...(sorrowfully I don't know it...)

(No answer arrived in ABAP Enhancements & Modification Forum)

Thanks in advance,