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How to configure Milestone Billing without project systems in SD


A typical order has the following requirements for vehicle sale. Fixed price of 100 K

One down payment of 20K (SD downpayment). This is liability

Vehicle shipped out to a domestic port- requirement for taking the vehicle out of inventory and putting it some other stock- lets say it is an in-transit stock

70k billed when the vehicle is received at the foreign port- at this time the down payment needs to be liquidates, take COGS and the sales revenue is at 90K

Final billing after one year or so for the remaining 10K. at this time the revenue of 10 K is taken no hit to inventory.

How to configure this requirement. Do share some thoughts on it.

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  • Former Member Siva Prasad Vasireddy

    Thanks for your reply Shiva.

    Can you please elaborate on this?

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  • Former Member G Lakshmipathi

    Thank You Mr. G Lakshmipathi for your response. I am glad that you commented on my post.

    I went through multiple posts for milestone billing, it helped me configure as well. But still I got stuck in relation to the requirement.

    I didnt know how to move stock from unrestricted to in transit location. Thus, I posted this query here.

    I would not waste time typing all the requirement and ask for help. Initially I searched but i did not get the answer which i was looking for.

    Sorry, If I have hurt your sentiments.

    - Tejas Raval

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2 Answers

  • Feb 06, 2018 at 08:44 AM

    Hi Tejas,

    yes it's possible and it's a standard functionality. Please check in the forum to find how-to.

    Please refer below SCN link



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    • Former Member

      Thanks for the reply shivakkumar. I had gone through the link that you have sent me across.

      Can you please help me with the configuration for transferring my stock from unrestricted to in transit. It would be of great help.


      Tejas Raval

  • Feb 09, 2018 at 04:22 AM

    Hi Tejas,

    I hope you are asking for stock transfer- if that is the case then activate 2 step movement and you can use MB5T for monitoting the in-trasit stock. we have many threads in our SCN related to it. we have many menthods and here i am giving for example..

    There are Two Methods for Creation of STO in Two Step

    1 MM Route(351 Movemnt,101 movment)

    SPRO: MM > Purchasing > purchase order > set up Stock transfer order

    2.SD Route(641 Movent,101 movment)

    in Second sceanrio your requirement is fulfill.When you issue material with 641 movement than you can show your material in Transit also.

    Hope it is useful.



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    • Former Member

      Ok. So there isn't any other way to move stock from SD route to intransit other than your suggested answer.

      Is it possible to create a new storage location to move stock from unrestricted location to in-transit stock?

      By the way, this is not to be used in the STO scenario. Its a normal O2C Sales Order to Billing Scenario.

      Thanks for your answer, it helped me get an insight on my learning.


      Tejas Raval