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Debugger won't stop at my Driver program of output type.

Feb 02 at 05:37 AM


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I have created a Requirement Routine and one output type which is triggered when Transfer Order is created and not confirmed.

But when I try to create TO in background using tcode VL06O, debugger never stops at the driver program of new output type created.

I have tried placing debugger at lot of statements but it never stops while creating TO in background.

I am using SAP 4.6

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2 Answers

Sandra Rossi Feb 02 at 07:03 AM

As usual (already asked/answered many times), activate the update debug, because it's probably done via an update task.

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try to make a infinite loop within the ABAP Coding ( e.g. IF 1 = 2, ENDIF ).

Goto SM51 and search for the infinite process, after doubleclick this entrie you can go to the debugger.

Jump out of the loop and go ahead.

Hope this helps :)



IF 1=2 is not an infinite loop, it's just a dummy statement...


Yes sorry, but Ravi seems to know what was meant ;-).

But thanks for this hint.


@claus brueggemann Your Answer really did help... Thanks..


If your question is answered then please close it (see this blog).

Jelena Perfiljeva
Feb 02 at 08:54 PM

If you're talking about an actual background job then there is a blog on that. I found it in Google by using "debug background job"

It'd be much easier to debug though if you just created the document manually and switched on update debugging, as Sandra suggested.

Also those routines are usually pretty short, so if you've just posted the code it's likely someone here could point out the problem even without debugging. The usual suspect is trying to read DB tables that are not actually updated yet when the code runs. Or "dirty assigns" that don't work. Those routines are rather straightforward when used properly.

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I would prefer debugging instead of a code analysis without runtime informations :).

It is pretty hard for not so easy errors without this field informations.