How can I preview charts and graphs on screen?

Oct 25, 2016 at 12:33 PM


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I've googled and talked to co-workers, and not finding an answer.

I'm using a stand alone CR 2013. When I review my report, it doesn't show any of the graphs or charts.

When I print to paper, it does.

The "print' dialog" doesn't have a 'Print Preview' button.

This is very unusable where I make a slight change in sizing etc, and have to print to paper to see how my alteration looks.

People have recommend to export to html, export to pdf, these all work, but never show a chart and graph. Most of what I am wanting to do with CR will require an accompanying chart or graph.

If someone can lead me to the correct help file, web post, or anything to get me viewing real time an onscreen preview of my charts and graphs using a sample of my data, I would be quite grateful.


-= Bruce

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Former Member Oct 25, 2016 at 01:46 PM

I figured it out, and am going to leave this all here in case someone else is a moroon like me later.

I was expecting to see a second page under my report page. (It's a one page report, so I expected data on page one, and right below it, charts)

A Tech here showed me to just click the 'Page '2'' icon on the top right over the displayed report on the screen, and 'Voila', Charts and graphs.

This would be common sense, for those that have it...


-= Bruce

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