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Failed to create Live Data Connection to SAP HANA via HTTP Server (apache)

Feb 01 at 05:25 PM


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I am trying to create a live connection to HANA using apache (windows) http server, I followed all steps in this guide ( ) because the actual guide seems to have missing information ( ).

I have two problems:

1) the certificate generated by apache and validated by windows CA is not working, when I go to https://apache I get this error, but the certificate seems to be ok.

2) When I try to log in to or https://apache/sap/fpa/ui/index.html?tenant=###, I get the message "HTTP Status 422 - Unable to verify login context"

What could be the problem of these errors? thanks.

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Mohammed Ashraf
Feb 16 at 06:45 AM
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Hello Mohammed,

Thanks for your answer, I haven't tried yet with linux because the client works with windows environments. I have followed those guides, Do you think that maybe I get the error because I am using apache from apache haus distribution instead the binary package ?





Yes, the above mentioned blogs talks about linux but can you can follow each step by step and configure for windows using binary package.