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Need more space for Latest blog titles on home page

Already posted about this but can't find it. Can we have more space for the Latest Blogs listed on the SCN home page? It only shows the first few words and in most cases it's not enough to see what the blog is about.

For example, this morning I saw the blog title "State of SAP" and immediately thought it'd be some kind of epic piece of "Are you there, SAP?" proportions.

Well, the actual blog title is State of the SAP BusinessObjects BI4 Upgrade – February 2018. That's not a subtle difference. And the problem is not just with some SCN members getting disappointed. With such truncated title the blog would also completely miss its actual targeted audience on the home page. It seems like a lose-lose to me.

If there is not enough space, why not get rid of "1 hour ago"? It says "latest", so who cares about such information?

I'm hoping that this is a minor change that really should take less time (for someone who knows what they're doing) than typing this question. If not then why did we migrate from Jive?

Thank you.

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  • Well, it appears for like 5 nanoseconds in the video. Anyways, thanks for looking into this.

  • Hi Yogesh,

    Those are all separate feeds that pull in blogs based on either date created or tags that are specified. They do refresh every 15 minutes, so the blogs will change. It's difficult to not have duplicates once in a while.

    I'll see if we can make adjustments to avoid duplicates showing up, but because each is a separate feed, I'm not sure it's completely unavoidable.



  • As Catherine replied, those are just two separate feeds. The same blog could appear in both but it's usually for the relatively short time because the "popular" feed is getting refreshed frequently.

    What else is missing though is a "more" link underneath each feed. Normally the websites that provide that kind of latest/top feeds/lists try to engage he users by allowing them to get more content simply by clicking a link underneath. So you don't just see top 3 or 5 but top 10 or 1000, as much as you like.

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