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By Product quality inspection for HU Managed materails

Feb 01 at 03:38 PM


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Dear All,

inspection lot not generated during by product ( HU managed ) with movement type 531,i have maintained below important setting for HU Managed materials,

1 - Material master settings - check Box activated - inspection for HU and inspection type 05 activated

2 - Inspection plan maintained w r t 05

3 - SPRO -

In Customizing for Handling Unit Management ( Inventory Management ), the respective movement type is not deactivated for quality inspections. The indicator QM not active is not set

Still inspection lot generated, could please any one guide how to resolve issue,

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2 Answers

Sara B Feb 02 at 11:42 AM

Hi Mohan,

Have you selected Control Inspection Lot "for each material document item" in the 05 Inspection Type?

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Yes it is maintained still not working ....

shivakkumar Geetha venkatesan Feb 12 at 12:49 PM

Hi Mohan,

Please check details. can have any no. of reaons for a movement type.. you can add any number of erasons in OMBS...By clicking new entries..

2.And in the respective screen like MB11 you can select the reason you have configured...

3. Inspection Type "05" should be active.

4. Check Movement type 531 in transaction OMJJ, here QM- Not active check box should not be active.



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