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Jun 09, 2008 at 09:08 PM

SAPGUI 7.10 Upgrade Install (unistall of previous version)



I'm using the IS (installation server) to create my SAPGUI 7.10 packages and also create self-extractors without issues. I actually love this, but as we plan to use SMS to deploy to most territories, I noticed that when I kick off my .bat file (which points to the .exe created from the IS) to install the 7.10 pack, it does an uninstall of the old version (6.20, 6.40) which is expected, but I get an "Open file" warning when opening up the SAPSetup.exe to uninstall the old version. I then have to hit "Run" to continue. So when using SMS, does anyone know how I can bypass this step to avoid manual action? This is the only warning I get, as the rest of the uninstall/install runs smooth. Iu2019m using the /silent option on my SAPGUI 7.10 install pack so not sure how I can avoid being asked to hit "run".

Could this be a security setting on the local PC?

*One more note..This only happens when uninstalling 6.40 and older. Thanks!

~Oscar Luna