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mdm console use

What is the main purpose of Console in MDM? What are the functions we do using Console?

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4 Answers

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    Jun 10, 2008 at 05:07 AM

    Hi Sreenivas,

    In MDM console we can do several operations.

    1) Mounting the MDM server means access MDM server and check the status

    of MDM server time to time.

    2) Data Modeling (Repository design,Tables and its properties and Table fields and its


    3) Check the status of the repository from time to time.

    4) We can define roles and users who can have previleges to access the repostiory.

    5) Remote systems (The system from which we import the data and to which export

    the data ) and ports can be defined.

    6) Useful to specify whether manual or automatic processing to import and syndicate

    the data.

    7) It genarates reports for various MDM operatons and logs for various operations on


    8) We can define whether particular table or field should be tracked or not using

    change tracking table.

    I can say that all the design part and configuration part is done in MDM consloe.

    To get more details go through MDM console reference guide.



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    Former Member
    Jun 10, 2008 at 05:25 AM


    Console is basically Admin part of SAP MDM.

    We can control the activites in MDM through Console.

    For eg User Managemnt - We can give Authorizations and Roles for a particular User.

    Data Modelling - Table and fields are created in MDM console.

    Repository which is created by modelling can be controlled by MDM Console.

    Refer this link for complete reference.


    Himanshu Nijhawan

    Reward if found helpful

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    Former Member
    Jun 12, 2008 at 07:07 AM


    Hi Sree,

    To have basic knowledge of MDM go to the below link which is MDM Wiki where i have updated/added pages to follow step by step to learn MDM and the basic fundamentals to know MDM and its features and functions.The pages are in level wise (part 1 and part 2).This are esp for beginners.In this pages you will find all the links and major issues faced by beginners topic wise.

    The page also include all the information related to MDM components .

    Hope this may help you.


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    Jun 12, 2008 at 11:31 AM

    Hi Sree,

    MDM Console is the most important tool in Master data management.

    After getting all the business requirements you need to design a repository and this designing is done in Console A repository contains different tables whoes data gets stored in the underlying database.

    You mount the MDM Server you want to work upon from Console.You can set a password on MDM Server and Repository throughgh console.

    Users and Roles are created Under Users an dRoles tables in MDM Repository in MDM Conosole. On the basis of Users and provided roles the operations can be performed in MDM clients.

    MDM Console Security

    MDM supports a multi-level security model that features granular, role based access not only to functions and data from within MDM client apps but also to the administrative functions of the MDM Console itself. Specifically, the MDM Console complements the password-protection of the MDM Server with role-based access to MDM repository functions and objects, as follows:

    u2022Server level. You can password-protect an MDM Server to require that users must first supply a valid password before performing server-level MDM Console functions that require authentication.

    u2022 Repository level. Administrative users now must first connect to an MDM repository by supplying a valid username/password before performing any repository-level MDM Console function upon it. In fact, the authentication scheme of the MDM Console effectively features four levels of authentication, two at the MDM Server level, and independently, two at the repository level.


    Secure MDM at Server level (Set MDM Server Password). This protects the whole MDM Server, so you need a PW to mount the server in the console. Once you've done that, you can work on every repository. Also ensure that no one can access the file share were MDM is installed as he could change the password in the mdsi.ini file. Same thing counts for executing clix commands! By default the access to new MDM Servers is not limited. You have to set a password to control the access. When mounting an MDM Server for the first time using the MDM Console, make sure that you set a password for the new MDM Server. To set an MDM Server password for the first time or to change it, select the MDM Server in the left window pane and choose MDM Servers-> Change Password.for more information follow the link:

    Reward if helpfu.


    Vinay Yadavl

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