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Former Member
Jun 09, 2008 at 04:45 PM

Using PHP to retrieve SAP B1 Data



I've been looking for a way to use PHP to run queries etc against a SAP B1 database and found the SAPRFC extension for PHP and I am wondering about two things:

1) Will this work with SAP B1?

2) Can I use to pull data from SAP (no need or want to write information back to SAP) using this PHP extension?

I have a project where I'll need to pull Sales Records and cross reference them against a MySQL Database and update a MySQL database. So I believe I need to pull the sales records (order, picking list whatever) see what items are on that sales order and then check to make sure that a person in shipping is packing the proper item when they scan a barcode that is referenced to a MySQL database that holds serial numbers and models of what is being sold.

So here the relationship would be between the SAP model and the model stored in the MySQL table.

Hopefully that makes sense.