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ABAP Trial system 7.51 SP2 - Cannot connect

Feb 01 at 06:15 AM


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Dear friends,

I'm having trouble connecting to the trial system. Setup completed successfully and no errors were found. But I still can not connect from a SAP login of a machine with Windows 10 operating system.

I can ping from end to end. I can not find any problems.

I took some evidence to help us solve this problem.


Thank you in advance!

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Please use "Insert image" button instead of Attachment button to include the screenshots. As you can see, when you use Attachment button, there is only a link inserted in the post. So everyone has to click on it and open every single image manually. It's a hassle. If you use "Insert image" then the screenshots are inserted as images and are displayed at once for everyone to see.

Thank you.


Thanks for the tip Jelena!

I edited my question for easy viewing. :)

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Jacques Nomssi Feb 01 at 09:29 PM

Hi Matthew

my 2 cents:

1) Check your firewall settings/log

2) Also configure/forward port 3300

hope this helps,


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Hi Jacques Nomssi,

I tried with port 3300 and other different ports without success.

BUT !!!!!!!

I do not know how this happened, but when I went to take a picture of my openSUSE firewall settings I ended up seeing that the firewall was ON.

Even disabled during the installation of openSUSE.

It's working perfectly now


Bartosz Jarkowski Feb 01 at 08:39 AM

I think you should use IP instead of

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Hi Bartosz, how are you?

I do not think it is possible to communicate between the unix system and the local windows directly.

As Julie said in the tutorial:

Connecting to the ABAP server from SAP GUI for Windows

The VirtualBox VM will likely be assigned the IP address (because of the NAT network type). Your local WINDOWS can not see that IP.

Thanks for the sugestion!


Can you try it? It will take just 5 mins :)

Or at least try to ping that IP.


No problem. Let's test to be sure :-)


In the ping result gave timeout and 100% loss of data packets.


pingtimeout.png (29.8 kB)
error1.png (9.7 kB)

Great, thanks!

One more thing that came to my mind - what about Windows firewall? Is it enabled?


Yes, unfortunately it is already disabled.

Julie Plummer
Feb 01 at 09:47 AM

Hi Matthew,

Have you followed this guide: Installing ABAP AS 751 SP02 on Linux, especially Section E : Post-Installation Settings?
Let me know how you get on,

Best wishe sJulie.

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Hello Julie,

I have already configured in the virtual box the settings to access only the SAP GUI as you showed in the tutorial.

SAPGUI TCP 3200 3200

On the hosts of my windows system I have not changed anything. Because in session C of the tutorial, where we should put the hostname I did not put anything. I left only the default.

This is the problem? Is it mandatory to set a hostname on port 8080?

If so, what should I set as hostname?

Thank you in advance!

William Lawlor Feb 01 at 09:23 AM


Check your system language by typing echo $LANG into the command prompt and making sure it comes back as en_US.UTF-8

If not, use LANG=en_US.UTF-8 to change it.

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Hello William,

The value of the LANG variable was different from LANG = en_US.UTF-8. I seted the new value on it, but we had no results.

Thanks for the sugestion