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Jun 09, 2008 at 04:22 PM

Error in creating URL Iview for sharepoint integration.


Hi There,

I wanted to create the URL Iview to bring-up the sharepoint site into Portal. I have done the following steps.

- Created the HTTP system.

- Have done the user mapping for HTTP System.

- Created the URL Iview and changed the system in the iview to point to the HTTP system created.

When I see the preview it still asks for the User and password and I was able to log onto Sharepoint by providing credentials. Once i log-out of sarepoint it throws me out of portal with the error:

Portal Runtime Error

An exception occurred while processing your request

Exception id: 10:35_09/06/08_0004_809786950

I think the problem with the URL parameters set-up.

If i use the Fetch Mode : Server Side it shows the following error:

Failed to fetch the content. The response status was 411.


Can some one help me out in resolving this issue. I feel some where i missed out some properties os system/iview. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have gone thru and i wasn't able to fix this.

Thank You,


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