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Jun 09, 2008 at 02:40 PM

Delta Load


Hi Gurus,

Another issue, we have a BI system as the source and due to huge data volume we have decided that we will be using a delta mechanism (only changed data is sent). When I use the standard import package there are 2 options

1. Merge data values

2. Replace and clear data values.

Irrespective of the option I select the data gets overwritten in the cube

Eg - original record value 100, changed record is 10 that means add 10 to the original record but after the second load data in the cube becomes 10.

The Append to fact table package works fine so I am able to get by this issue.

The only reason to raise this in the forum is to check if there's an issue with import package (or there's another setting to make delta work) or it works as designed.