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Is there a way to create a delivery order message via a material document?

Oct 25, 2016 at 12:15 PM


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Hi Experts!

I would like to know if there is a way in SAP Retail (-IM module) to create a delivery order message in conjunction with creating a material document in the process of transfering goods from one site to another with movement type 303.

The delivery order should be sent via EDI to the receiving plant which books the gr via movement typ 305 (and ofc with reference to the delivery order...) has anyone tried that before?

Cheers and thanks!


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Hi Tim

As per my understanding you want to add delivery document in your two step transfer process.

If it is right then, I would say it doesn't make any sense of using two step transfer process at all. Why can't you use STO process by defining vendor data for your stores?




Hi Vibhor (again =)!

We need the two step transfer, since the sending branch wont have the rights to book the tranfer in one step, meaning the receiving branch has to accept the tranfer first and book the gr afterwards.

I`ll check if we also could use the STO process in that case.

Thank you!



Hi Vibhor,

unfortunately using the STO process is not an option, so I still have to to figure out how to create an ALE-Message (delivery note) on the basis of mvt type 303 and the resulting material document. Do you got some experience in this case?

Thanks and regards


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