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Jun 09, 2008 at 11:13 AM

CATS_Actuals posting problem when costcenter is changed.


Dear All,

PN (e.g 10) is booking his time in CAT2 for the month of May. He is assigned to costcenter 101. From 13th May, Persons costcenter changed to 102.

When time is transferred to CO, if I see KSB1, I see that some hours are still posted to CC 101 for dates after 13th May (14th & 15th May). Strictly these hours should have been posted to CC 102 as from 13th May, employee is assigned to this CC.

I constructed this senario in Development. I book some Hrs for the PN for some dates. Then changed his CC (InfoType 0315). I realise that if I book time for dates even after 13th to the existing lines (for which employee has already booked the times) then time gets posted to earlier CC. Only if I enter the time in the new line, then the time is posted to the new CC.

So if the CC is changed in between and the time is already booked the system is taking the old costcenter. actually it should take the new CC from the chenged date while transferring the time to CO.

Pls suggest what can be done now. user complaining that even after changing the CC for some employees, their report shows that the time is booked to the old CC.