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Jun 09, 2008 at 08:41 AM



Hello Experts,

We are in a process of gathering requirements for a new analytical system for a client. The solution would be BI based and would be analytical in nature. Given the different functionalities the users would like, it seems to make a heavy use of Planning functionality. As BI-IP is going through a bit turbulent phase after Outlooksoft acquisition (the new BPC, as we know it), we are not sure which product (or tool) should we use to build the solution.

Could you please guide me as I hope you would have better visibility of how things are going in terms of SAP product map, in the planning aread?

1. What is the latest version of BPC available on date? (5.1 or 7)?

2. Which version should have intergration with SAP Netweaver and when is it planned to be launched?

3. If we were to use BPC for building our solution (thats what SAP recommends), how would we integrate

BI datamodel with BPC frontend? As far as I am aware, outlooksoft (BPC) has SQL server at the


4. Is there any documentation available on BPC that I could use at the moment?

5. Is there any direction in terms of how SAP plans to integrate BPC in the netweaver stack?

Thanks a lot for your time.