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Former Member
Jun 09, 2008 at 08:23 AM

Post installation Doubts_SGEN


Hi Friends,

As i am going through the implementation phase i have got couple of queries which i am little confused about.

1. As a post installation activity we perform SGEN in client 000, the doubt here is with which user we execute this wether its sap* or our own super user that we create.

2. We have a Sandbox that has been put in place for functional consultants, Do i have to upload the latest support Patches through SPAM in this,

Why i am asking this becasue the Sandbox would not be a part of landscape(DEV-QAC-PRD), and once functional consultants would get over with there configration desgin n testing the sandbox would not be used further.

Still do we need to upload it with support packages, cant we keep the default support packages that came during the time of installation.

3. Another ppost installation activity is to increase the ABAP Buffer Size, so to have an improved performance later.

What is the paramater for that and where can i find it and what would be the preferrd Size in terms of Kb that i can use.

I would appreciate if you can kindly put across your views and help me get over with the douts as i am stuck...