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Jun 09, 2008 at 07:27 AM

Linked Button


Hi all

On My Form a have a matrix that has a column with linked button.I wont to link it to two types of document`s. once is a purchase invoice and sometimes Jurnal Entry.

And My problem is that BubbleEventvent dos`t work properitly

when i set BubleEvent to false on et_MATRIX_LINK_PRESSED event the linked document is poening why this is my Code .

Pls help me

if (pVal.FormType == 60006 && pVal.ItemUID == "APLX_Mat2" && pVal.ColUID=="ARef"&& pVal.EventType == BoEventTypes.et_MATRIX_LINK_PRESSED&& pVal.Before_Action == true)\
Form frm=Form1.Polaczenie.pApp.Forms.GetFormByTypeAndCount(pVal.FormType,pVal.FormTypeCount);
               Matrix mat=frm.Items.Item("APLX_Mat2").Specific as Matrix;
               string docnum=((EditText)mat.Columns.Item("ADocNum").Cells.Item(pVal.Row).Specific).Value;
               string num=((EditText)mat.Columns.Item("ARef").Cells.Item(pVal.Row).Specific).Value;

f (docnum.Contains("KS"))
 *BubbleEvent = false;*

And two forms are openig MY JurnalEntry and Purchase Invoice. but should only a JurnalEntry.

Pls help