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Apr 08, 2008 at 02:25 AM

Xcelsius 2008 - Known Issues (Installation)


AA: Area Affected

PD: Problem Description

WA: WorkAround

AA: Installing QAAWS from BOE Client

PD: The Query As A Web Service (QAAWS) application has been combined with the BOE XI 3 BusinessObjects Client application. It was previously a separate application.

This means that to use BOE XI 3 QAAWS with Xcelsius 2008, you must download the BOE XI 3 BusinessObject Client from the Business Objects Support site and install it on your client machine.

WA: To install QAAWS download the BOE XI 3 BusinessObjects Client. You may or may not have access to this download based on the type of licensing agreement you have with Business Objects. Note that the BOE XI 3 BusinessObject client is about 600MB in size.

AA: Installing Xcelsius 2008 when a higher version of the Adobe Flash Player exists

PD: The Xcelsius 2008 installer will install a version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you have previously installed a higher version of the Flash player, you will get a warning message from the Xcelsius 2008 installer.

WA: You can ignore this warning message. Your newer version of the Flash Player will not be changed.

AA: Installing Xcelsius 2008 with other older BOE products.

PD: After installing Xcelsius 2008 on a machine, some other older BOE products on the same machine stop working (eg. WebI Report Server, BOE XIR2)

WA: Many BOE products share the same installer, as a result installing Xcelsius 2008 on the same machine other older products changes the default install folder to the newer BOE folder. For example with BOE XIR2 it changes the default BOE install directory to change to BOE XI 3 folder.

C:\program files\business objects\businessobjects enterprise 11.5\" is changed to

C:\program files\business objects\businessobjects enterprise 12\"

The workaround is to manually edit the registry and change the key folder name back to its previous name.

Use regedit to view the folder name in the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Business Objects/Enterprise/InstallRoot/Path".

Double-click on path and change the Value data. In most cases the folder name is C:\program files\business objects\businessobjects enterprise 11.5\

Note: please back up your registry before making any changes.

AA: Uninstalling Live Office XI 3 from a machine with Xcelsius 2008

PD: If you uninstall Live Office XI3 on a machine with Xcelsius 2008 also installed, the Xcelsius Keycode Expiry dialog box (License manager) pops up asking for the Xcelsius Keycode.

WA: The Xcelsius keycode must be entered again to re-enable Xcelsius.

AA: Installing Xcelsius with Office XP

PD: Currently installing Xcelsius 2008 with Office XP is not supported due to a bug. Use Office 2003 or Office 2007 instead. If Office XP must be used see the workaround.

WA: As a workaround to the issue of Xcelsius 2008 not installing with Office XP, users can manually add a registry key to enable installation. Please make a backup copy of the registry before making any changes.

1. Go to Start > Run. Start the registry editor by entering 'regedit'.

2. Select the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and navigate to \Software\Microsoft\Office\

3. Create an 11.0 folder, if it doesn't exist, by selecting Edit > New > Key from the menu.

4. Create a subfolder called PowerPoint

5. Create a subfolder under PowerPoint called InstallRoot

You should now have the folder structure listed below:


6. From the InstallRoot folder create a string value called "Path" by selecting Edit > New > String Value

7. Select the newly created Path value and select Edit > Modify.

8. Under the Value Data field enter "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\"

9. Click OK.

10. Exit the registry editor.

11. Reboot your machine.

You should now be able to install Xcelsius 2008.

AA: Creating a Web Part for SharePoint Portal Server 2007

PD: The current Xcelsius Web Part installer Setup.exe does not work with SharePoint Portal Server 2007.

Note: Sharepoint Portal 2003 is supported.

WA: You can manually install the web part to use with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2007. Microsoft does not provide a mechanism to build a Web Part installer for SharePoint 2007. For instruction on manual installation see the Xcelsius Support website . (see follow up post below)