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Jun 21, 2007 at 12:51 AM

Web Service Connector Button Question


from harini_d



I am using the web service connector component to get some data from Qaaws. However, when I view the flash file i have to keep clicking on the web service button and some other components ( like the country label) in order to populate the chart. Is there anyway that i can skip clicking the web service button.

I would ideally like to just choose the country and the chart should be populated ( with all the related data from the query from the web service). I want to avoid clicking the web service button. How do i go about this ? Any help would be appreciated.

Also, whlie selecting ranges for the i/p and o/p values for a web service connector component, I would like to select a dynamic range since sometimes i dont know how many records will be returned by the query. Is there any way to define a dynamic range.

Thank you.