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May 30, 2007 at 05:16 AM

Combining a field from one webi into another webi.


<p>I&#39;m currently working on a report that are exactly identical except one is YTD and other is previous month. Then these reports are saved as excel spreadsheets and the Employee Ranking field with the Previous Month report is placed within the YTD report. For example:</p><p>YTD Report: Monthly Report: </p><p>Ranking Employee Name Ranking Employee Name </p><p>1 Emp. A 1 Emp. A </p><p>2 Emp. B 2 Emp. C </p><p>3 Emp. C 3 Emp. E </p><p>4 Emp. D 4 Emp. D </p><p>5 Emp. E 5 Emp. B </p><p>How can I combine the Ranking field within Monthly Webi Report into the YTD Webi Report as follows?: </p><p>Combined Report: </p><p>YTD Ranking Monthly Ranking Employee Name </p><p>1 1 Emp. A </p><p>2 5 Emp. B </p><p>3 2 Emp. C </p><p>4 4 Emp. D </p><p>5 3 Emp. E</p>