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Former Member
Dec 13, 2007 at 11:25 PM

Crsytal Report and Images


I seem to have problem with images and Crystal reports. I am displaying multiple images in a report. I want to display 2 images per page. Now the images could be of multiple sizes and hence I dynamically reduce them to the maximum size available on the page.

When I try and print the images the images if they are bigger than the pages size I have tried to re size them keeping the DPI same so that they appear on the page but by default Crsytal reports converst the images into 96 DPI Images.

I am not sure if it does or is there any setting because of which it does. Since I wan them to retain the DPI I would not want them to change the DPI.

Is anyone aware of how crystal report handles images or any information on the DPI of Images in Crystal reports