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Sep 03, 2007 at 09:05 AM

How to Release Memory - Crystal Reports For .Net on VS 2003



Does any know how to release the memory used by an embeded Crystal Report on a .net 1.1 application. ?

I put some reports into one winform application but every time I display a CR on a new Win Form for printing purposes it increases the memory used by the application and never reduce the ammount taken even when the winform is closed and disposed.

In other words Winform1 calls Winform2 with a Crystal Report Viewer in it. At that point the memory used by .EXE doubles and once winform2 is closed and disposed then the memory used by then .EXE files remains doubled. Same results I get if I add more winforms with embeded reports.

The problem is that the pc's where this app is deployed doesn't have too much memory and in the near future they are not planning to invest in memory updates.

I'm using MSDE, ADO Dataset, VS .NET 2003 and Crystal Reports 10 Developer. The pc's where the app is deployed have 512 MB RAM, 40 GB hard drives and Celeron 2.4 CPU's. Windows XP SP2

thank you in advanced.

Luis M