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Feb 27, 2007 at 07:12 PM

How to Calculate Total Worked Hours in a date range


<p><span>WorkedHours column type is varchar(8) (for HH:MM:SS), <br />how to sum working hours of an employee for every month.</span> <br /></p><p><span>ex. of data : WorkedHours<br /><br />attencode attendate WorkedHours<br />1573 20-01-2007 07:34:22<br />1573 21-01-2007 12:31:10<br /><br />how can i sum the WorkedHours and print it in Hours format.<br />(like 20.17 for this 2 values)<br /><br />Can u able to follow me.<br />If not pls. feel free to get more information in this regard.</span></p>