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Feb 10, 2007 at 10:20 AM

Drill Down Subreports


<p>This seems like a basic thing to do but ...</p><p>I have 3 levels of reports: 1 master, 1 sub-report with its own sub-report. This is supposed to be representing a table system where table 1 has a parent/foreign key for table 2 which has a parent/foreign key for table 3.</p><p>When I generate the report, I can drill down from the master (table 1) to the sub-report (table 2) but there is nothing there for me to drill down to table 3: it just isn&#39;t there. If I run table 2 as the master report I see its table 3 sub-report. This works only if table 2 is the master report but not if it is a subreport for something else (i.e. table 1).</p><p>I am using VB .Net 2003 Crystal Reports .Net. Is this some kind of a limitation or should this be possible? The subreports are in the Details section.</p><p>Thanks<br />Tony</p>