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Sep 27, 2007 at 01:10 PM

I have problem with store proc and crystal


1.I am writing store Procedure in sql server like this give below -

Hi Friends, Can any one help me about Store Procedure. In data base ResuleSet: 2007-06-10 7:00:56.107 I am getting like this. I want in this format 2007/06/10. for my paramater This is my data base field -EST_START_DATE This is my input paramater - @start_Date and @End_Date I have a code like this : -

CREATE PROCEDURE SP_Job_Details @Job_Status varchar, -Input paramater @Start_Date datetime, -Input paramater @End_Date datetime -Input paramater AS SELECT distinct job_no as Job_Number, dealer_name as Customer_Name, customer_name as End_user, foreman_user_name as Supervisor, billing_user_name as Project_Manager, pri_furn_line_type_name as Furniture_Line FROM JOB_SERVICES_V WHERE job_status_type_name = @Job_Status and EST_START_DATE BETWEEN @Start_Date and End_Date GO -

This is one problem and when I open crystal reprots software I am connecting to data Expert connect to data base -storeprocedure.Here it is asking for report parameters to enter.I am getting 1.STATUS 2.START DATE AND END DATE FOR 2 AND 3 IT IS SHOWING DATE PICKER so my results are not getting why? bocz it is showing AM and PM so that my data is not displaying so any once can do this logic please sir........