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Former Member
Mar 12, 2007 at 07:29 AM

Praise (and a few questions)


<p>I love what you have done with CAL and GemCutter. Having a functional language and still being able to use the whole Java set of libraries is marvellous. Only Scala offers elements of this. And Visual Programming has always struggled, but given the composability of a functional language finally makes it work.</p><p>Great job CAL team, and thank you!</p><p>Now a couple of low level questions. I was experimenting with GemCutter, in particular connecting to MS SQL Server using the jtds jdbc driver. It almost works! I used the jdbcConnectionWithDriverCheck and four Value Gems for input. I wired the output to a jdbcQueryToResultSet Gem. With a query &#39;SELECT * FROM Member&#39; (in another Value Gem) I get all the columns names correctly, but the table below is empty! If I add a resultSetToText Gem, I get the textual representation of the result set, but now the result set seems to grind the system to a halt (I have ~9000 rows of name, address and lots of other attributes).</p><p>I also notice that in the scope window, that on occasion, when I change the query in the Value Gem, the code does not change up there. Nor does the system even recognize that the Value Gem value has changed (query results). Even saving my Gem does not get it to recognize.</p><p>Keep up the great work, and thanks for any help.</p><p>Alex</p>