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May 07, 2007 at 09:49 PM

change report database connection



I'm trying to make a java application which changes the reports database connection.

My reports use odbc connection.

I read the examples and I succesfuly changed to or jdbc.odbc but I want

to chnage the connection to oracle or other odbc.

I wrote the code:

IConnectionInfo connectionInfo = table.getConnectionInfo();

//Set new table connection property attributes.

PropertyBag propertyBag = new PropertyBag();

//Overwrite any existing properties with updated values.

propertyBag.put("Trusted_Connection", "false");

propertyBag.put("Server Name", "aurel");

propertyBag.put("Connection String", "Server=s(aurel);User ID=s(aurel);Password=;Trusted_Connection=b(false)");

propertyBag.put("Server Type", "Oracle Server");

propertyBag.put("Database DLL","crdb_oracle.dll");





//Update old table in the report with the new table.

databaseController.setTableLocation(table, tables.getTable(i));

When I run it I got the error:

JRCAgent1 detected an exception: Database driver name is not supported: crdb_oracle.dll Database driver name is not supported: crdb_oracle.dll

This happened also when I use odbc connection with crdb_odbc.dll

I want to know if I can do that or is it impossible?

I don't need to change the connection for each table I like to change it for the entire report

like in crystal reports when use set datasource location but I don't find any support for that.