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Former Member
Jan 26, 2007 at 08:42 AM

Image Swapping When Exporting to PDF


I am using Crystal Reports 10 Java Reporting Component deployed on Websphere v6.0. I am using the ExportControl to export my report directly to a PDF. So the user fills out a form and submits and then a child window pops up containing the report in PDF format. Pretty simple application. The problem is that I have about 5 different graphics embedded in my .rpt file and when the export to PDF occurs the report will swap the images around randomly. One out of about every 5 requests has the images where they belong otherwise the images are substituted for one another. Also there is no pattern to the swapping...completely random. I have scoured the internet and I've seen nothing related to this issue. I am praying that someone will have a clue because I am completely out of options.