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Apr 10, 2007 at 01:12 AM

JRC XI R2 for RAD 6.0


<p>Hi Friends, </p><p>I am using RAD 6.0 for building my web app which use JRC XI to embed reports in my web app. But (JRC XI) does not support CSV exporting which I need in this web app.</p><p>From some of the topic replies i get to understand that i need to upgrade my JRC version from XI to XI R2.</p><p>Can someone please let me know the settings in RAD 6.0 through which i can change JRC version from XI to XI R2 for my web apps? </p><p>I am not able to figure it out that even if i buy CR XI R2 developer edition, how will I embed JRC XI R2 jars into my web app developed through RAD 6.0?</p><p>What are other available options for me?</p><p>Thanks.</p><p>Nirmal </p><p>&#160;</p>