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Former Member
Oct 13, 2006 at 07:56 PM

JRC export character seperated values


<p>The Java Reporting Component cannot export to characterSeperatedValues format.</p><p>Does anybody know if this is planned to be imlemented, as it is seriously jeopardising our deployment of CR on Java. Most of our reports need to made available in Excel as raw data, for users to manipulate. I can understand that the msExcel export format is quite difficult to implement, but surely characterSeperatedValues format should be straightforward?</p><p>We are having to develop a seperate export (in Java code) for each report we are writing - which means building up the SQL query from the report parameters, and implementing any formulas/calculated fields again in Java, basically meaning that we have to do each report twice: once in CR and then again in Java.</p><p>PLEASE BusinessObjects, please implement this feature (either characterSeperatedValues or recordsToMSExcel)! <br /></p>