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Jan 31, 2008 at 03:26 AM

Is this a genuine bug?


I have a hue arsenal of reports in my organization that I am responsible to keep running. A very large percentage of these reports were created using CR v8.5.

What I am noticing is the else an drop down option on these older report, under File --> Report Options, to allow me to automatically convert date-time fields to string fields. My guess is this was an 8.5 option for once I tell crystal to convert a date-time to a date-time (gee, what a concept) that the drop down boxes disappears and I no longer have the option to go back. Back to this option in a minute.

I execute this report as is from the designer, I get no problems. I can run the report and view them as a report or even export to them whatever format my little heart desires: pdf, xls, csv, etc.

We also have a thick client application that makes use of the RDC to execute these reports. Same results as from the designer.

Now, here in lies the rub. Remember that drop down option I mentioned a minute ago? When the same report is executed from with the JRC, either when this option or one of the older crystal functions use for obtaining a date/time (ex. DTSToTimeString ({Pre_Case.START_TIME})[1 to 5]) is encounter, I have so far come across two undesirable results (and from the JRC, I generally export reports to PDF mostly because I haven't figured out how to make the CrystalReportViewer from making re-querying the DB each time I navigate pages).

1) I get an error message stating Adobe is missing the Japanese fonts to correctly display the report. When I say I don't want the Japanese fonts, I get a blank page for a report. When I do accept and download the fonts, the result does not look even close to what was designed.

2) I have also seen and gotten the error message stating simply, "failed to export report".

When I turn off the convert date-time feature and modify all of my date/time formulas appropriately, works like a charm.

Anyone else have an similar experience with this? Having to comb through each and every report is not quite what I have in mind (mind numbing comes to mind actually). Any thoughts from anyone?