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Former Member
Jun 28, 2007 at 10:27 PM

Refreshing POJO DataSource without deleting in design view



Is there a way to refresh the datasource based on changes to the supporting POJO? The data structures beneath my report are somewhat dynamic, and the last time I tryed to do this, I had to delete and re-associate, which has the nasty side effect of removing all the datasource fields on the design.

I'm currently creating my reports/templates in a separate project, and have the POJO's imported manually. The report templates will reside outside of the project in a separate folder. So I'm currently designing them in a separate project, initially importing the POJO from the main project. Since there are changes being made to the main project, I will need to re-import them on a regular basis.

I guess one answer is to create the report template within the main project, but I do not want to pollute the project with any objects that might be created in the design and bind process. The reports HAVE to be separate from the main project.

I could also link to the POJO in the main class, but I also don't want any dependencies between the main project and the report templates.

Any one have any ideas on how to do this effectively? It has become a pretty large issue in our app.