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Former Member
Mar 29, 2007 at 08:25 AM

Report displays wrong information when moved to the next page


<p>Hello All</p><p>I have designed a report using a view at design time. At run time i am passing a recordset to the report with a condition. For eg at design time the sql query would be </p><p>select * from table </p><p>and at run time the query would be </p><p>select * from table where date between date1 and date2 (user entered parameters)</p><p>When the report is displayed the 1st page is okay and shows the total number of pages correctly. When i click on the arrow to go the next page the result is changed and it shows everything. Basically it shows select * from table.</p><p>I am not sure as to what i am doing wrong</p><p>thanks</p><p>ram</p>