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Feb 19, 2007 at 10:45 PM

Different sql generated in CR4E compared to standalone CR?


<p>Hi,</p><p>We are currently working with CR4E and have found that a report generates different results in CR4E previewer than the standalone Crystal reports previewer - and upon closer inspection the sql statements are different.</p><p>We are running oracle (with thin client driver) and the problem seems to stem from join types - we cannot specify a join type in CR4E, but this can be specified in standalone CR - resulting in incorrect results in CR4E (we frquently need to use left outer joins). I am guessing that the sql generation code in CR4E does not understand the join types specified in the report file generated in standalone CR - is this a known problem? Is there a standard migration procedure - we really need to be able to preview reports correctly in both apps.</p><p>We already have a workaround of copying the sql generated by the standalone report and using this as a complete sql command within the report - but this is obviously far from ideal for our needs.<br /></p><p>Also, when is CR4E likely to support join types - this is a key requirement for us. </p><p>Many Thanks,</p><p>Peter</p>