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Nov 06, 2006 at 11:55 PM

Delphi Integration, Without .NET


<p>My question is this, after more and more headaches with the now deprecated Crpe32.dll API and Delphi integration without .NET. I have to support customers with non .NET code, yet integrate with the recent versions of Crystal Reports in ERP software, different versions at different clients, and the DLL was always a guaranteed, simple way of doing this. No activex, no installation needed to bore the user with, just drop crpe32.dll and the associated data drivers and supporting dlls into the application directory, and walla, simple and efficient with the power of crystal. </p><p>What are the choices for integration to Delphi Win32 now? .NET won&#39;t work for us, and neither will Java. Is the RDC going to be around for long, or will it be deprecated as well if we should try to convert to that method? </p><p>.NET and Java, cool, but these two methods don&#39;t cover everyone in the Development community. Without an easy way to integrate standard &#39;report viewing, printing, exporting&#39; in a non .NET or Java app, Crystal is just another headache that developers don&#39;t need. After spending the past few months fighting the crpe32.dll/VCL control for Crystal 10 and the differences from the 8.5 integration, i could use some sleep, but I&#39;m still trying to decide where to go with Crystal... </p>