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Apr 24, 2007 at 11:31 PM

Crystal Reports and connecting to multiple tables in a dataset - I'm Going Crazy!!


This is my first application, first report and first everything. Wouldn't you know the report I am trying to produce is probably more difficult!! What is happening is that I have a form(screen) up in my application with the information displayed on it from a recrod in a table that I want to put on a report to be view and/or printed and eventually down the road I want to incorporate a signature. One step at a time though, here is what I have accomplished. I have created the report, I have gotten it to display in the viewer but it will not push the data from the table that I want displayed. It only displays the text that I have typed on the form. This is a Visual Basic application created in Visual Studio 2005 using a SQL database. If you need more information then just ask and I will try to fumble through and tell you what I know. (Oh and to top it off............I am also trying to get information to display from other tables also (codes connected to descriptions etc.))

Any help would be really appreciated as I have went through tutorials, read white papers, tech notes and anything else I can find but I just can't get it to work!!