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Sep 11, 2006 at 04:56 PM

AddTextObject - set FormatText = True doesn't work?


<p class="ssiBODYCOPY">Hi,<br /><br />I am adding a textobject and setting the FormatText parameter to true but the CR(newline) characters that I have included in the string are just being formatted as a space. Is this a bug in Crystal? I am using Crystal Reports XI SP2.<br /><br />Code below:<br />VARIANT format1;<br />VariantInit(&format1);<br />format1.vt = VT_BOOL;<br />format1.lVal = TRUE;<br />CString fileContens = "line one \n line two";<br />ITextObjectPtr text = pSection->AddTextObject(_bstr_t(fileContens.GetBuffer(0)), 0, 0, format1);</p><p class="ssiBODYCOPY">I&#39;ve also tried setting CanGrow property to TRUE, but it does not make any difference.</p><p class="ssiBODYCOPY">Could you help? Thanks.</p><p class="ssiBODYCOPY">Billy<br /></p>