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Interoperability Discovery - Designer : restrictions ?

Jan 31 at 06:26 PM


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Dear all,

I have created a simple Story in Discovery, and saved the lumx-document in the BI Platform.

I open the lumx-document in Designer in order to add a Radiobuttongroup. I fill the items with Binding :

When I re-open the story in Discovery, I notice that the Radiobuttongroup does not contain the items anymore :

Is binding a restriction in the interoperability between Discover and Designer ?

Many thanks


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1 Answer

Tammy Powlas
Jan 31 at 06:44 PM

Hello Hans,

Interoperability is one-way - from Discovery to Designer; not the other way...

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Hi Tammy,

so I won´t be able to use my document any more in discovery once I have enhanced it in designer?

That´s not really what I consider as "Interoperability"...

Best regards



Hello Holger,

I understand; I don't work for SAP - I am an SAP customer

How it was explained to me was as follows:

1) business person/business analyst creates visualization using Discovery, but it needs to go enterprise wide

2) IT imports visualization into Designer and makes it enterprise ready

So it doesn't go the other way.

I hope that helps.