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QM Control Key block GR if Vendor not Released

Hello all,

I am trying to setup a QM Control Key that will block purchase orders and goods receipts unless there is a valid QIR.

I have been able to block the PO, but I would like to see if the GR will also be blocked if the QIR expired between the time the PO was raised the the delivery was received.

I have setup the following data:

1) QM control key with "Release Required" ticked

2) QIR with release date populated

3) Master data - QM Proc Active, Control Key assigned, 01 inspection type.

Is there anyway to prevent GR if the QIR release date is in the past?

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3 Answers

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    Feb 02, 2018 at 08:42 AM

    Hello Sara,

    I would suggest to create a custom program which will check release date of QIR(May be if that date lies in future) and send reminder mails to QA as well as Vendor. Once that date is reached this program will assign block function in QIR with function code having 'no GRN' checked in config.

    Sending mail will give intimation to vendor regarding no GRN - on which they can work upon in early stage

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  • Feb 02, 2018 at 08:04 PM

    Sara B The standard SAP functionality is to only block the creation of the PO's.

    I have, for pharma clients, added checks to block the GR as well as block the UD release if the QIR has exceeded the validity date or is otherwise blocked.

    Jürgen L, you are correct that we typically wouldn't reject the shipment and send it back. However, if the QIR has become invalid, that is a decision that has to be determined by the QA group in the pharma industry. And yes, it can result in a lot of phone calls and teeth gnashing and sometimes some heated discussions. It all depends on the reason for the block. Some purchases might take months to complete so a QIR can reach it's yearly review in the meantime. In other cases a blanket PO might be opened for the year and they receipt against the same PO all year long. In that case, unless you block at the GR, the QIR could expire and you'd never know it. Most Pharma's require a yearly questionnaire from most critical vendors along with an on-site audit once every 3-5 years.

    For requalification of vendors, it might be just a yearly questionnaire that the vendor failed to return. In which case, yes, they might in the extreme reject the shipment and send it back if the vendor has been notified several times to return the questionnaire. If it's the first time, the QIR might be extended to the current date, the material receipted and quarantined until the questionnaire is received back.

    If it's an error on QA's part for not getting a vendor evaluation done, or site audit completed, then we might still accept the material under a deviation. But the deviation has to be noted and maybe a CAPA done as a follow up. In that case, they might extend the QIR to the current date to receive in the material. But then block the QIR immediately so a UD can't be done until the audit info is completed.

    And of course, the production folks and planners are yelling at QA through the entire process regardless of whose "fault" the issue might be. Whether it gets rejected and sent back is usually determined by how critical that particular material is to keeping production going vs. the amount of documentation it's going to take in order to use it.



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  • Jan 31, 2018 at 11:26 PM

    Would this really make sense to block a receipt after the PO was created when the QIR was valid?

    Don't you desperately need the raw material to produce a finished good on time to make your customer happy, to get money which is used to pay you at end? Would you really send the truck back to the vendor, telling him that your QIR has unfortunately expired? Would you really explain to your customer that he can't get his order fulfilled despite of the fact that he ordered on time. Had the material become a bad quality just because your info record has expired when the delivery date came? Honestly I foresee just a lot trouble, hectic telephone calls and at the end you extend the validity date of your info record to post the GR.

    If at all, wouldn't it make more sense to block the PO creation if the delivery date is outside of the validity of an Quality info record?

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    • It's more a way to avoid Quality having to perform a check on every delivery to see if we have valid regulatory documents in date. If we could rely on the system to control it, then we don't have to include it as an MIC in Inspection Plans.
      It would be better to check if the delivery date is outside the QIR date, but I don't think that's how the standard functionality works.