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Malfunction in notification and Report PMIS MCJB

Jan 31 at 04:55 PM


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I have a scenario, where I have a PM note from any equipment malfunction that start on May 30 and I finish it on June 05, it doesn´t matter the year, the repair time showed is the hours from the beginning of the stop to end of this note, but if you need the number of hours stopped by the MCJB report for a period, for example only in May, the total hours of this note will count the hours from June, even if I set a filter with May as the only month, how to separate the hours until the May 31 and for the period of June extract the hours from June 1 to 5, if they are on the same PM note? Is this possible ?

Follow the archive attached with example.mcjb.jpg

mcjb.jpg (46.8 kB)
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2 Answers

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Tom Evans Jan 31 at 06:37 PM


Report MCJB uses the S070 structure. The S070 structure in LIS is based on monthly dates. So the downtime for this Notification is tied to the start month, May.

Please see this archived discussion for how to create a new structure based on weekly or daily updates:

I am still not sure this will provide your desired results, since it is a single breakdown event, keyed off a single reference day/time.


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Andre Francisco Kato Jan 31 at 07:53 PM

Hi tom!

I will try this and let you know.

Thanks a lot!!!

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