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Feb 28, 2007 at 02:43 AM

Web Elements - WESelect LOV built from Database Column


<p>Hi,</p><p>We are running XIR2 (Unix). I am trying to create a sample report that uses WESelect and the select list is populated from a column in the database.</p><p>I&#39;ve based my report on the sample report WebElementsdcp.rpt. I am able to get the list of customers in the select list, but it also loads the Report header and each detail line. The information from the crystal report is below. I was unable to copy the screen prints and didn&#39;t find a place to attach the word doc in the submit form so not sure if the formula&#39;s listed below are helpful</p><p>----

</p><p>Copy from word doc</p><p>Problem: The List of Values for the Select Value retrieves the database column contents correctly, but it also appends the contents of the report. I&#39;ve tried to model my report using the sample report WebElementsDCP.rpt.</p><p><strong>Problem Description</strong></p><p>My Prompt / Select List should contain a list of customers. The result when running is Complete list of Customers and All Order Lines from the report</p><p><strong>Crystal Report </strong></p><p>I&#39;ve tried different scenarios, but all return the same result as above. I need to get the report detail removed from the prompt.</p><p><strong><u>Main Report:</u></strong></p><p><u>Formula for SelectCustomer</u></p><p>shared stringvar P1L1; </p><p>WESelect("Query1_Prompt2",P1L1,P1L1,{?Query1_Prompt2},"")</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>S</strong><strong>ub Report: Get Prompt Values</strong></p><p><u>Formula for GetPromptValues</u></p><p>stringvar field1:= {Query1.Customer Party Name} ;</p><p>shared stringvar P1L1; </p><p>if instr(P1L1, field1 + "|") = 0 then P1L1 := P1L1 + field1 + "|";</p><p>&#160;</p><p><u>Formula for GetPromptValuesFinal</u></p><p>shared stringvar P1L1:= P1L1[1 to length(P1L1)-1];</p><p>&#160;</p>