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Former Member
Dec 18, 2007 at 01:14 AM

CRXIr2 Text box content alignment


We are trying to force data column alignment (right justified for each piece of data) within a single text box. We have had success aligning the data when placed into a sub-report, requesting individual fields, however performance degrades.

The data is built in a C# method that concatenates the pieces of data together into a string variable terminated with a '\n' character to allow the next string to be placed below on the report.

The results are strange in that the viewer shows the data aligned in their expected alignment MOST of the time. The output to printer or PDF file through a PDF Print driver is very different, and not at all consistent.

Does anyone know a better way to "Stack" strings of data, or a better '\n\r' replacement, forcing column alignment without using subreports ?

Thanks all in advance.