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Former Member
Nov 22, 2007 at 09:00 AM

Returning Results from a single column for a mmembe in one row


Hi all,

I am relatively new here and would like some help (please). I will try to format the question logically.

I have a table with these Columns: RoKey (UI), MeKey (This links back to the member table), RoleType (Type of role the member has, a member may have more than 1 role).

Data can typically be like the following:

RoKey MeKey RoleType

1 Me001 Rep

2 Me001 UBS

3 Me001 OHS

4 Me002 <Null>


I would like to return in a report


Me001 Role: REP,UBS,OHS

Me002 Role:

This would be two field in an overall report.

Eseentially how do i pull out information in the same field and return it to 1 formula filed.

All help is appreciated